dreams aligned with values for a better tomorrow


Dreamline Banners aligns values, dreams, and actions for change in schools and communities everywhere.

Dreamline Banners:

  • gives each person a voice, and a place to share their values, dreams, and goals
  • invites each of us to be part of something bigger than ourselves
  • connects groups with shared dreams
  • broadcasts hope

Dreamline Banners Builds:

  • trust, acceptance, and respect through its process and product
  • insight into group values and concerns through information analysis
  • collaborative global change through aligning interests and passions

Get Inspired

Explore our Gallery or download our free Dreamline mobile app to be inspired and uplifted by what's on the hearts and minds of students from 5 to 20, from across the USA and around the world--Texas to Tanzania.

Get Involved

Any student or adult can volunteer to help our program.
Any adult-led group can participate in our annual  Dreamline Banners program for free using the 4-Step Dreamline Banners Process. All ages and languages are welcome.


Dreamline Banners in action. Read the stories of what happens when we align dreams with values around the world. Find out about upcoming events and resources for everyone. Learn more about our team and getting involved. Feel the impact.

See the Impact


Dreamline Banners is the collective effort of people who take action to make the world a better place. We are extremely grateful to the sponsors, partners, and contributors listed below who helped us launch this program. Come back to see the list grow.


Anne Keiser, Washington, DC Murray Abramsky, New York, NY Kathryn Fuller, Washington, DC with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation matching gift, Princeton, NJ

Featured Sponsors

Krista and Richard Pinola, Philadelphia, PA Daniel and Sarah Harlan, Shanghai, CHINA Jeffrey and Dale Garson, Ardmore, PA Sandra Crow, Wayne, PA Anonymous (2)


Dry Family Foundation Richard and Tina Aplenc Bob Machado William & Marjorie Kriebel Foundation Kathy Justi Andrew Houriet Mary Pat McFarland Ron Carleton Jill Feighan Deb, Nick & Dan Murphy


Lisa Webster Alex Laties Andrew Connally Brenda Shields David Marshall Donna Lindner Meg Ryan Olivia Pi-Sunyer Patricia Voigt Tony Wagner ...and many more


Support means holding something up. We invite you to hold up the aligned dreams, values, and actions of students around the world by contributing to Dreamline Banners.

Your financial contribution supports students around the world served by our mobile app, our database of dreams, our website, our programming, and the people who make it happen.

Dreamline Banners is a program of Cloud Cloth Education, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law.